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Internet Daily Chapel (text version) For Week Of January 10, 2010, Featuring "How To Deradicalize The Islamic Terrorists And Their Sympathizers"

Internet Daily Chapel (text version) For Week Of January 10, 2010 At
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Featuring "How To Deradicalize The Islamic Terrorists And Their

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How To Deradicalize The Islamic Terrorists And Their Sympathizers

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FIRST AND FOREMOST: Restrain Israel, and prevent the Israelis from
continuing their Satanic atrocities against the Palestinians.
These atrocities are well-publicized around the world, although mostly
ignored by the pro-Israel US media. They provide a continuing source of
strong motivation for Muslims to hate Israel and its main sponsor and
enabler in the world, the USA.

"Why do they hate us," you ask. "Because of Israel," I reply. "All other
factors are secondary."

Israel is the delinquent child of the United States. The USA through the
United Nations created Israel in 1948, and the USA has supported Israel --
right or wrong -- ever since then. Without the continuing support of the
USA, Israel could not exist today. Therefore the USA is now morally
responsible for everything Israel does and is rightfully entitled to use
whatever means are necessary to end Israeli atrocities in the

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Here is our very first example, from the news yesterday (Jan. 9, 2010).
The person who recently killed the CIA personnel in Afghanistan had
previously revealed his motivation . . .

In 2008, Balawi had declared on an Internet site that he wished to "be a
bomb" so he could destroy Israelis for their treatment of Palestinians.
Family members have said they were unaware of any help he was providing to
the Jordanian government, noting that his prison stay left him agitated
and visibly stressed. But Jordanian analysts found his missives to be
compelling. "We made an effort to lure him in and verify the information
he had," a senior Jordanian government official said.



Using the Qur'an as the religious authority, present these ideas . . .

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"Terrorist Murderers Insult Allah, Bring Shame To Islam" -

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