Friday, February 6, 2009

Publisher Releases Free All-Purpose Agreement Form, Suitable For Simple Agreements Between Any Two Persons.

February 6, 2009
Alexandria, VA

Rev. Bill McGinnis has today released his "All-Purpose Agreement Form," which is suitable for creating simple legal agreements between any two persons, on any matter. This easy-to-use legal form is completely free of charge and has been placed in the Public Domain, free for all people to use without restriction.

This legal form joins the other legal forms already released by Rev. Bill McGinnis, including a free automobile bill of sale, a free general bill of sale, a free personal loan agreement form, and others.

"Get it in writing, and avoid misunderstandings," says McGinnis. "Too many people encounter conflicts because the details of their agreements with others are assumed, but never written down. This new legal form can solve many of these problems."

You can download the free All-Purpose Agreement Form at . This page also contains links to McGinnis' other free legal forms.


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